Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Penelope Callantine - Independent Herbalife Distributor

Penelope Callantine - Independent Herbalife Distributor
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Monday, February 13, 2012

Almost a year!

You were right, Kim!  It's been WAY too long. 

To update, Jason is in the Nuclear Technology program at Idaho State University's ESTEC - Energy Systems Technology and Education Center ( for more info).  He will graduate in Spring of 2013 with an Associates degree, and ESTEC has assured us that nuclear plants around the country will be knocking on his door.  Their program is very unique, because of the amount of hands-on instruction.  It's exciting to see Jason so engaged and anticipating the future.  It's intense with him working nights and going to school all day, but we feel sure that it will all be worth it.

Matthew is in Kindergarten this year and doing so well.  It's so fun to hear him read a book and solve math problems.  What a great kid.

First-Day-Of-Kindergarten pancake

Audrey began talking in full sentences in December.  Her thoughts are amazing and she cracks us up with things like, "I tan't bewieve it!" and "Oh my dosh!" and "What da' hett??"  LOL

Penny lost some weight last year - 31 lbs and 29 inches! YAY! - and got a little healthier.  My energy and immunity makes me feel 9 years younger (no, not 10. Nine - that's when Jason & I got married) and I CANNOT WAIT to see what's going to happen in 2012!  Warning: your instincts are correct. This is about to become an Herbalife commercial.  Can't help it - love the stuff.  Call me.
I'm even considering entering a spring 5K.  Yikes, did I just put that in writing?  We'll see if I can get up over more than 20 seconds at a time... : )

We're all healthy and Big-Picture-Kind-Of-Happy.  Future looks bright, and God is SOOO good!  Only sad news is....the Jacksons moved.  Hey, another great reason to head for the beach for an upcoming family vacation.  Love U, miss U guys!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall 2010

Life these days

Nothing terribly interesting to report.  We're considering a trip to Kansas in the near future.  But for now we're just focused on preschool for Matthew, playgroup 2x's a week, and making the house look welcoming on the outside.  We have a decent yard of grass in the back yard, but I'll be so glad when all the dirt is covered with grass, no potential for mud or weeds to grow.  It's a joy to be back there while the kids play, pulling weeds, watering, making stone paths...or in the front tending to my tiny garden garden, mostly tomatoes, rearranging the bulbs, or cleaning the garage (ahem - unpacking...still).  Matthew rides his bike around the neighborhood with other kids, gets the mail for mommy, covers his sister with dirt...Audrey mostly just wants to push something around, like a stroller or truck, and eat green tomatoes (argh), or be covered with dirt. 

We love our home and we love going out for fun and coming back to it to rest.  Come join us for a rest sometime!